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Burner Pricing

4" x 4" Mini-burner

4" x 6"  GH190 and LP190

4" x 8"  LP290

4" x 10"  GH390 and LP390

4" x 14"  GH590

4" x 19"  GH890






Parts and Accessories

As a courtesy to our burner customers we offer some parts and accessories that may not be easy to find at your local hardware store.  For a more complete line of combustion products please visit the companies listed in our "links to suppliers".

Blower -
Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) type.  
For use with "LP" series burners.
44 CFM at 1.2" WC Static Pressure
Price    $130.00

Adapter -
Adapts PSC blower above to 2" plastic pipe.
Provides flange for mounting blower to appliance.
Price    $35.00
With connection for air switch (as shown)
Price    $40.00

Blower -
Power cord, switch, and intake damper included
For use with "LP" Series burners.
164 CFM @ 2.5" WC Static Pressure
Price    $255.00

Mixer -
2" gas/air mixing tee.
Use with either "GH" or "LP" Burners
1/4" MPT inlet (for use with gas at 5 psi or greater)
1/2" MPT inlet (for use with gas at less than 5 psi)
Price    $75.00

Air Switch -
Provides proof of air
Pressure range 0.05" to 12.0" WC
Rated 1/4 HP @ 120 V    1/2 HP @ 240V
Price    $55.00

Solenoid -
Normally closed combustion valve
Shuts off fuel in case of power or blower failure
3/8" FPT     Price    $105.00
1/2" FPT     Price    $220.00
3/4" FPT     Price    $235.00

Power Box -
Includes power switch and normally open
momentary push button switch. For use
with proof of air safety system.  Attaches
directly to air switch shown above.
Price    $35.00

Regulator -
High pressure propane regulator
Handwheel adjustable output 3 to 35 psi
1/4" FPT inlet/outlet.  Ported for gage.
Price   $77.50

NeedleValve -
High pressure, brass construction.  1/4" FPT
inlet/outlet. Meters fuel to mixer.
For use with 1/4" MPT inlet mixer.
Price    $22.50

Ball Valve -
Provides positive shut-off to fuel supply.
Can also be used to meter fuel to mixer.
1/4" FPT    Price    $16.50
1/2" FPT   Price    $24.00

How to Order

None of the above prices include tax or shipping. Since the burners are heavy, the cost of shipping is determined by your zip code. Some of the smaller accessories can go in the box with the burner so shipping for those items is free.

To place an order, contact us by phone, fax or email and let us know what you would like to purchase. Be sure to include your shipping address so we can calculate shipping costs. We will then email or fax you an invoice showing the total cost of your order. If you are a first time customer we strongly recommend that you discuss your project with us so that we can be sure you are getting the correct products for your application.

You will be sent a PayPal invoice to your email address that can be paid by credit card before shipping.

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